John grew up in the Worcester, MA, area and was fortunate enough during his childhood to spend many weekends and most summers on Cape Cod, developing an early appreciation of the Cape's natural beauty.

He has a degree in computer information systems and spent several years primarily as a buyer for a company manufacturing Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and undersea products.  During that time, John contributed to projects and expeditions that discovered new marine species, aided in off-shore energy exploration, and supplied a search expedition at Loch Ness.  He currently devotes his time to his artwork.

As a self taught artist, John tries to emphasize mood through a boldness of subject and color.  His fascination with the interplay of water and light will always inspire him.

John is a member of the Yarmouth Art Guild.  His artwork has been displayed at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in multiple juried exhibits, as well as private collections across the country.  He was a gallery member of the Artists' Paintbox Gallery in South Yarmouth, MA from 2014 to 2016.
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